Commit History

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  Oliver Ladner 776d75ac78 update brew pkg list 7 months ago
  Oliver Ladner f628ea8ae8 add vundle stuff 7 months ago
  Oliver Ladner 59950d06e6 .vimrc: also highlight NOTE, HACK, IDEA etc. in comments 7 months ago
  Oliver Ladner 2eb17a1aed update .vimrc 11 months ago
  Oliver Ladner ebbbe5a7b9 gitconfig raise post buffer 11 months ago
  Oliver Ladner c4a178c08f update brew installed package list 11 months ago
  Oliver Ladner 4c45b48283 add macOS screen rearrange script 11 months ago
  Oliver Ladner 66ff30de82 declutter .bashrc append file 11 months ago
  Oliver Ladner f3e31d2ef4 use gruvbox color scheme in vim 1 year ago
  Oliver Ladner 0a2e504078 macOS changes 1 year ago
  Oliver Ladner 5026797e7f vim stuff 1 year ago
  Oliver Ladner 40e9bbba20 add glow to brew list 2 years ago
  Oliver Ladner b2ad46733c vim changes 2 years ago
  Oliver Ladner a684a096b9 foo 2 years ago
  Oliver Ladner 9eda92145a vundle plugin updates 3 years ago
  Oliver Ladner 619528373a changes 3 years ago
  Oliver Ladner 72cc978039 add Pock 3 years ago
  Oliver Ladner dd9e0bd0f0 add Android File Transfer 3 years ago
  Oliver Ladner ee37847ef8 grep: ignore errors 3 years ago
  Oliver Ladner 7e74dda915 further vundle changes 3 years ago
  Oliver Ladner fc88d2395a I forgot the mighty iTerm2! 3 years ago
  Oliver Ladner 98ad73c8f5 remove more obsolete brew formulas 3 years ago
  Oliver Ladner 5e62a9b451 remove obsolete brew formulas 3 years ago
  Oliver Ladner e34eaa4f0c outsource brew list 3 years ago
  Oliver Ladner 436ff4e680 add a ruler for 120-char width 3 years ago
  Oliver Ladner 8319240a06 add VS Code config with OSX path, but should be platform independent 3 years ago
  Oliver Ladner 4b28af0b42 document how to disable TouchID 4 years ago
  Oliver Ladner 72487c072c add reference for OSS fonts via brew 4 years ago
  Oliver Ladner a1993b0cb4 update brew pkg list 4 years ago
  Oliver Ladner d582977fb6 updated plugins via vundle 4 years ago