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+# OSX
 ## Software to make it behave like a real OS
  * Homebrew:
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  * Docker:
  * USB Overdrive:
+## brew installed packages
+Might need a cleanup:
+oliver.ladner@wm-obrn-ola:~: date; brew list
+Thu Nov  8 17:23:26 CET 2018
+adns			hicolor-icon-theme	openssl
+atk			icu4c			openssl@1.1
+bash-completion		ipcalc			p11-kit
+cairo			iperf			pango
+diffuse			ipmitool		pass
+dirmngr			jpeg			pcre
+dos2unix		jq			pinentry
+fontconfig		juju			pixman
+fortune			kubernetes-cli		pkg-config
+fping			libassuan		pssh
+freetype		libffi			pth
+fribidi			libgcrypt		pwgen
+gd			libgpg-error		py2cairo
+gdbm			libidn2			pygobject
+gdk-pixbuf		libksba			pygtk
+geoip			libpng			python
+geoipupdate		libssh2			python3
+gettext			libtasn1		python@2
+git			libtiff			qemu
+git-flow		libunistring		qrencode
+givegif			libusb			readline
+glib			libusb-compat		rpm2cpio
+gmp			libxmlsec1		s-lang
+gnu-getopt		libyaml			shared-mime-info
+gnupg			lua			sqlite
+gnupg2			md5sha1sum		thefuck
+gnuplot			midnight-commander	tokyo-cabinet
+gnutls			mysql			tree
+goaccess		ncdu			wdiff
+gobject-introspection	ncurses			webp
+gpg-agent		nettle			wget
+graphite2		nmap			wmctrl
+grc			npth			xz
+gtk+			oath-toolkit
+harfbuzz		oniguruma
 ## CLI settings